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History of the
Classic Touring Car Racing Club


Ford Escort Mk1 at Snetterton

Classic Saloon Racing at Lydden Hill

In 1974 a group of amateur racing drivers got together to form a club which would promote affordable racing for the popular saloon cars of the fifties and early sixties.

MG, Triumph, Jaguar and other sportscars had always been well catered for but the Austin A35, Morris Minor etc, had been left in the cold for some time. Racing in those more relaxed times allowed owners to "arrive and drive" (only needing a crash helmet and licence to compete).

Times have changed somewhat since those days and so has the Club but the watchword in all the regulations is stability which ensures the return of competitors year upon year.

During the past 40 years the Club has evolved and expanded. to now encompass five championships. New for 2008 was the introduction of a class within Classic Group One for competitors running to Production BMW specifications. This year our Pre93 Series has gained Championship status. In 2009 our Pre93 Series gained Championship status and the club took an even bigger step by creating a series within Classic Thunder called the Blue Oval Saloon Series (BOSS); this features Ford Saloons from near standard to highly modified turbocharged monsters.

Our races are divided by year of manufacture and therefore reflect the relevant period of British Saloon/Touring Car racing applicable to each era. Furthermore, each Championship or Series is sub-divided into classes depending on engine size.

CTCRC Thruxton Race